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Sneak Peek Into Our Lifestyle Here In Bali!!

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Overcoming Challenging Times… Did You Know This About The Big Apple?

What do you do during tough times?

Our natural tendency as human beings is to contract and shrink — to tighten up and hold back — because we get fearful and uncertain.

But what if you did the opposite? What if you expanded instead of shrinking? Offered more value instead of holding back?

Let us introduce you to the concept of hot VS cold…

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First Attempt At Body Boarding In Bali…. It’s ok to laugh at us!

We’ve been here in Bali for 4 months now and we’ve just discovered White Sand Beach, a hidden gem on the East Coast.

Turns out, it’s a great spot for body boarding so we decided to come back and give it a shot!

Being from Northern Ontario, Canada, we didn’t get around the ocean very much so this is a brand new experience!

Life is all about experiences and this one was definitely a memorable one. So much fun! We had to laugh at ourselves and we give you permission to do the same…

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4 Important Lessons

What are your most important lessons for what you are going through in your life now?

You see, in every situation you face, there are always lessons to learn and opportunities to grow. Challenges more specifically bring about the most important lessons and the biggest growth, if you get the lesson!

Self-reflection and inner work is essential for growth and should not be neglected. If you want new results in your life, you need to change. Period.

You cannot get to a new level in your life being the same person you are now…who you are now has gotten you the results you have currently.

Introspection is an important part of change. Do not neglect your own personal development. You have to grow into the person you need to be, to obtain the results you seek!

The main reason we are where we are today is because we consistently take time to ask ourselves important quality questions and ponder on the answers. We challenge our own thinking and step outside ourselves to find our blind spots.

Today, we thought we’d be open and transparent and share with you a few of our most recent learnings…

1. Remember to practice gratitude daily. This practice, we must admit, had slid away from the both of us. These days, we have been very focused on what we are grateful for. Gratitude is a very Powerful State, and when you live from that space consistently, the positive effects are infinite. You’re more empowered, you’re more at peace, you’re happier, you’re more abundant, you tap in to our higher consciousness…and the list just goes on and on. When you are going through a rough patch or when you are not where we want to be, it is far too easy to get caught up in the challenges you’re going through or to focus on what you don’t have. However, this is exactly when you need to practice gratitude the most. There are always things to be grateful for. Change your focus. Find these things you do have to be grateful for and make them your focus. See how your life transforms…










2. Focus on what it will feel like at the end. When you are going through challenges, it can bring about negative feelings and negative states of being. These are not conducive for obtaining successful results. You can’t get the lessons you need to get in order to overcome the challenges you are going through when you are feeling negative feelings. Change your focus. Focus on where you are going instead of where you are now and what you are currently going through. Focus on the results you want to obtain and what it will feel like once you achieve them. Create a massive compelling vision with such precise clarity that it pulls you forward despite anything you are currently going through. Really feel those feelings of what it feels like at the end. Feel these feelings now. Put yourself in that state now. See how your life transforms…










3. Push yourself beyond the limits of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is keeping you limited. As humans, we are creatures of habit and it is in our nature to seek what is comfortable, whether it is a real or not. In all we do, we are constantly attempting to remain comfortable to the point where often times, we consciously or unconsciously set up tests, with ourselves and also with others around us, which re-affirm our fears and limitations. This keeps us comfortable, stuck and excuses us from really going to the next level. (This is deep stuff and very important lessons we’ve been learning…re-read these last 2 sentences a few times.) Does this sound familiar? Ask yourself…what patterns are you repeating to keep you comfortable? How is this affecting your results? How is this affecting your relationships? All the rewards truly lay outside of your comfort zone my friend. You have to constantly push and stretch beyond your own boundaries of thinking and behaving as well as beyond the boundaries others impose upon you. Try it and see how your life transforms…










4. Hold a “No Matter What” standard in your intimate relationship. Meaning… No matter what happens, no matter what the circumstances…we, as a couple, are going to stick together, grow together, be together and love together. We are going to make it! Period. No Matter What. Intimate relationships are the area of life that is the absolute most challenging of all. On the other hand, they also come with the highest rewards, when we master them! There is no investment of time or money too high to pay to master this area. All the material things can be taken away but if you create it — love will always be there — and nothing else will ever matter, as long as you have each other. Choose to love no matter what. Choose to make your relationship a priority. Develop and master the skills and strategies that will create this unshakable love. Don’t let your personal fears take you out of the love that should and could be. Commit to holding a “No Matter What” standard in your relationship. See how your life transforms…










Our question to you now is…

What is it that you need to get, understand or let go of, in order to go to the next level? What needs to happen to create the life you want?

Comment below and share with us. We would love to hear about you and what you are learning, have learnt or need to learn.

Remember, no matter what it is you may be going through right now, there is always someone else out there who has it worse. Your lessons could serve as the tipping point of inspiration, courage or solution for another person!

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New Experiences – Scooter Fun … Look at us… We’re clowns…lol

How many of you have had that experience before where you say…

“No way that I am going to do that”, then you tried it and ended up loving it.

The lesson… Just try it at least once, give everything a chance, you never know you might just love it!!!

Remember… leave us a comment below.

Live life, be free, be limitless!!!

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Marketing & Branding in Business

We see a lot of people who won’t go after their dreams because they’re afraid to put themselves out there and brand themselves… because it requires being vulnerable. We are conditioned to believe that being vulnerable is being weak and we associate pain to that.

My friends, we’re here to tell you that this exact belief has gotten the results that you have had up until now and that you will never grow to the next level until you build up the courage to go after your dreams,ย which means being vulnerable. Otherwise, you will always short-change yourself and you will never grow beyond your current circumstances.

Being vulnerable is not nearly as bad as we make it out to be. In fact, when you must up the courage to be vulnerable, when you put yourself out there, brand yourself and share your story, you will put together marketing pieces that are so powerful, they are life-changing for others.

You see, that’s what it’s all about… it’s about adding value to people and changing lives. It’s more than just the money that is being transacted. It’s about the contribution to others and the value we offer. There is nothing quite as rewarding and fulfilling as that.

And as a bonus, money is a by-product of the value we give. The more value you add to others, the more money you will make! Focus on giving value first and the money will follow!

If you’re struggling to make money in your business, you need to be adding more value. You need help with your marketing!

If you’re tired of struggling and you are committed to change, reach out to us and we’ll help you grow to the next level!


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Real Life Heroes

Wow… over the last 2 weeks, we have met 2 different people whom we consider to be heroes. They each have adopted a child here in Bali, children that would’ve died otherwise. In both cases the mothers had been shunned by their respective families.

In one case, the father was killed in a car accident. The mother was shunned by her family due to being unwed and her baby boy was born months pre-mature, requiring serious medical attention. The medical bills piled up. It was very fortunate the angel that covered her medical bills and took her and her little one in, taking care of them as his own family and being a father for this little boy. Happy to say the little one, Clem is now 2.5 years old and in good spirits, all because of an angel named Jeff!

In another case, the mother was shunned by her family and she was attempting to poison her unborn child through pill/drug intake as a method of abortion. The angel name Ketut and his wife got into action and took this mother in, informing her that they would take care of her as well as adopt her newly unborn. Happily to report that all turned out well, the child was born and is now healthy with loving parents.

Such a great reminder that we can all do more then what we are currently doing. We are so very touched by these amazing men. They have both touched our hearts and souls.


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Job Security


With all the new technology coming out every single day, times are rapidly changing.
Job Security… Are You Prepared For This?
Video Reveals. Click below to watch.

Would love to hear your thoughts… be sure to leave a comment!

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Marketing In Business… Did You Know This?

So we’re in business to make money, right?
Isn’t that why we’re all in business?
Well, not exactly!
Sure, making money allows us the freedom to be able to design our life the way we truly want but…
There is actually another reason that is a lot more compelling, that keeps us in business and makes us love what we do!
Did you know this?
Video Reveals…
Marketing Successfully in Business – The True Impact

P.S. We would love to hear your thoughts… Leave a comment below! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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How Committed Are You?

On a Scale of 1-10, how committed are you to truly living your dreams? Be completely honest with yourself.

How are you showing up on a daily basis?

Are you more committed to being the same or are you more committed to your dreams?

What do your daily actions reflect?

Are your daily thoughts, conversations and actions the same everyday?

Are these keeping you where you are at currently or are they moving you to where you want to go?

Are you truly aligned with where you want to go, with your desired result?

Do you need to increase your commitment level?

What leverage can you create on yourself in order to increase your commitment?

Does your current skill level match up to your desired result? If not, how can you increase that?

Finally, what new daily actions can you take in order to get to where you want to be?

Leave us a comment below! Also make sure to connect with us on Facebook. We love to hear from you and help you achieve more while truly live your dreams! We look forward to see you on the winning side…don’t shortchange yourself! You too can live a life of freedom…it first starts with your decision followed by your commitment at a level 10!!!

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What Do You Do When Things Don’t Go As Planned?

We woke up today in our little piece of Paradise ready to tackle on the day as we have a few of projects on the go right now. We had a wonderful breakfast meeting with the founder of Bali Entrepreneurs Resort, responded to a few emails and then…

We found out that the internet was going to be down for the rest of the day as they would be working on the server!

Booooooooo!!! ๐Ÿ™

Our plans for the day crumbled, just like that!

Let me ask you…

What do you do when things don’t go as planned? What do you do when things don’t go your way?

What do YOU do? How do you typically react?

You see, we can’t always control what happens, but we can ALWAYS control how we react.

We were a little peeved at first of course but then we started thinking about our options…

Sure we could get angry and frustrated about the situation and complain about not having received a warning that this was going to happen…

Sure we could go to an internet cafe and work from there…that is the beauty of having an online business…we can work from anywhere! As long as there is an internet connection of course!!!

Rather we said, “What the heck, let’s go out and have fun!” ๐Ÿ˜€

We decided to take advantage of this situation and turn it into an opportunity for some playtime! Kinda like the good old snow days we had as kids back in Canada!

So we got on our scooter and headed to Monkey Forest for an afternoon of family fun. We hiked, fed some monkeys, and had some laughs!

The highlight of our adventure came right as we were about to leave the park when a monkey climbed up on James and stole Abby Fae’s sippy cup right out of his hands! It happened so quick, he didn’t even realize what happened!!

Monkey Stole









The thief then proceeded to drink the water out of the cup like he owned it and when we tried to take it back, he ran away and climbed up a tree.

Then, he looked at us as if to say, “Nanananana…catch me if you can, suckers!” ๐Ÿ˜›

Bahahaha! It was too funny…we just had to laugh!

So that’s how we enjoyed our day without stressing about all the work that wasn’t getting done.

And guess what…

We came home to find out that we had a few sales come in while we were out! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh the beauty of automated systems!ย We love what we do! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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