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Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer!

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Summer!

From Snowy COLD Canada to Tropical PARADISE of Bali!

We’re leaving it all behind and moving across the world to Bali, fulfilling our dream lifestyle and living on purpose.

Making Money Online FREED us and opened up a whole new world of Possibilities for our life.

We broke free from a life of status quo and mediocrity.

We broke free from a life confined by limitations and we are now living proof that anything is possible for anyone who makes a decision to step outside their box and reach for more.

(If you’re a go-getter and want to skip our story to find out right away how we were able to break free from the rat race and live our dreams, you can go here:

It wasn’t too long ago that James and I were living our lives confined by the limitations of jobs, bosses and lack of money.

To most people, it appeared like we were doing well for ourselves. In fact, it probably seemed like we were doing extremely well.

James was top salesmen at the car dealership where he worked and I was a top, award-winning, hairstylist.

But we actually didn’t quite “have it made”…

Despite being top salesman, James was underpaid and underappreciated at work. He was also bored out of his mind and felt dead inside. He worked long hours and only had 2 weeks vacation per year.

We never could enjoy a weekend together as we both had to work Saturdays. On top of that, we both had to work evenings so our time together was very limited.

There was never enough time or money to enjoy travel or even just a plain vacation.

Although we weren’t quite struggling financially at that time, we were living pay check to pay check and could never seem to get ahead.

The worst however, was that I desperately wanted to have a child but kept putting it off as there was no way that we could afford it.

You see, because of the nature of the hairstyling industry, I didn’t qualify for maternity benefits being self-employed. Not only that, if you take time away from work for an extended period of time, you risk losing most of the clientele you’ve worked so hard to build over the years which is your livelyhood. For this reason, most stylists I knew who had kids went back to work after no more than 3 months of having a baby, some even after only 3 weeks.

For me, there was no way I was going to have children if I couldn’t take care of them myself. I couldn’t imagine leaving my newborn baby in someone else’s care while I went to work. The thought of that alone broke my heart.

I can remember a time where I literally broke down and cried in James’ arms because I wanted a child so bad but didn’t know how we could ever make it work.

We couldn’t afford to lose my income. James’ wages alone could not support our family and our lifestyle.

We felt trapped by our circumstances and didn’t see a way out. We were compromising things that were important to us because we couldn’t see any other way. We didn’t think we had a choice. It was so frustrating.

We were doing what we were SUPPOSED to do — having good jobs — yet we were unfulfilled and weren’t able to do the things we actually WANTED to do. We felt like we weren’t even able to do the one thing we are designed for as human beings — pro-create.

Despite our success in our careers, we felt like we were failing at life. We were stuck and we had no freedom.

We felt like there had to be more to life than that. There had to be a better way. We had to be destined for more…

All the frustration drove us to find a way to change our life.

We stopped hoping for a brighter future and began creating it.

We soon realized that in order to be free and have the ability to do the things we wanted to do, we needed to have freedom of both time and money.

In order for that to occur, we couldn’t be tied to a job. A job simply could not provide us with that kind of freedom. We needed to have our own business. We needed to have money coming in even while we slept.

We were aware that the online world brought upon many possibilities for making money. So we took the plunge and went for it.

We found mentors, learnt new skills and began taking massive action to implement them.

However, we struggled for a long time.

You see, what we were doing simply wasn’t enough. There are strategies to success and every successful business is successful because it follows a good system.

We were missing a good system!

Once we developed our Limitless Wealth & Freedom System, we finally cracked the code. We finally had a breakthrough in our results, generating $5,000 in monthly recurring income in just over a month.

Then, we put our system to the test. We began teaching other people our blueprint and after they began using our system, they got results too.

Total newbies — we’re talking about people who had never even considered the possibility of making money online before — started generating an income by plugging themselves in to our system. What’s really amazing about that is that some people were getting results in a matter of days!

What’s taken us years to master, we are now able to help others do almost instantly!

There is no better feeling than to be able to have an impact and contribute to someone else’s life.

Now, we also want to help you so that you can begin making your dreams a reality starting today!

No more settling, no more playing small.

Your dream lifestyle starts now!

You see, we’re not anymore special than you. If we can do it, you can do it too!

The good news is that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel like we did. You certainly don’t have to spend the money we did or waste years spending time learning the skills that took us so long to develop. Lucky for you, we cut out all the leg work and blazed a trail for you.

You simply have to plug yourself in to our Limitless Wealth & Freedom System and see it working for you too. When you follow our system, you can immediately begin experiencing the results you’ve been looking for.

Most people are too busy making a living that they never actually truly live. Don’t let that be you. Don’t make the common mistake of delaying to a later date doing the things you love and truly enjoying your life.

Make the decision NOW to be LIMITLESS.

Plug yourself in to our Limitless Wealth & Freedom System today!

Start Here —->

We look forward to seeing you on the Limitless side!

Your friends,

Melanie, James & Abby Fae
Limitless Family

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