Meet Us

Hello friend,

We are Melanie, James and Abby Fae (our 3 year old daughter) and we are the Limitless Family.

A few years back, we grew tired of the rat race and began seeking ways to be free. We figured there had to be more to life than the limitations imposed by jobs, bosses and lack of money.

We quickly realised that the only way was to work for ourselves and be the masters of our own destinies.

Our entrepreneurial journey led us online as we discovered that there is no better way to generate a residual income while truly living life by our own design. Earning money online allowed us to become location independent and travel the world as a traveling family! We left snowy Canada on April 1st, 2015 and relocated to the tropical paradise of Bali!

Today, we help individuals like us, like you, who want to do the same…. Freedom!

Let the world become your playground!


Connect with us. We would love to help you too!