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Real Life Heroes

Wow… over the last 2 weeks, we have met 2 different people whom we consider to be heroes. They each have adopted a child here in Bali, children that would’ve died otherwise. In both cases the mothers had been shunned by their respective families.

In one case, the father was killed in a car accident. The mother was shunned by her family due to being unwed and her baby boy was born months pre-mature, requiring serious medical attention. The medical bills piled up. It was very fortunate the angel that covered her medical bills and took her and her little one in, taking care of them as his own family and being a father for this little boy. Happy to say the little one, Clem is now 2.5 years old and in good spirits, all because of an angel named Jeff!

In another case, the mother was shunned by her family and she was attempting to poison her unborn child through pill/drug intake as a method of abortion. The angel name Ketut and his wife got into action and took this mother in, informing her that they would take care of her as well as adopt her newly unborn. Happily to report that all turned out well, the child was born and is now healthy with loving parents.

Such a great reminder that we can all do more then what we are currently doing. We are so very touched by these amazing men. They have both touched our hearts and souls.


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