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New Experiences – Scooter Fun … Look at us… We’re clowns…lol

How many of you have had that experience before where you say…

“No way that I am going to do that”, then you tried it and ended up loving it.

The lesson… Just try it at least once, give everything a chance, you never know you might just love it!!!

Remember… leave us a comment below.

Live life, be free, be limitless!!!

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Marketing & Branding in Business

We see a lot of people who won’t go after their dreams because they’re afraid to put themselves out there and brand themselves… because it requires being vulnerable. We are conditioned to believe that being vulnerable is being weak and we associate pain to that.

My friends, we’re here to tell you that this exact belief has gotten the results that you have had up until now and that you will never grow to the next level until you build up the courage to go after your dreams, which means being vulnerable. Otherwise, you will always short-change yourself and you will never grow beyond your current circumstances.

Being vulnerable is not nearly as bad as we make it out to be. In fact, when you must up the courage to be vulnerable, when you put yourself out there, brand yourself and share your story, you will put together marketing pieces that are so powerful, they are life-changing for others.

You see, that’s what it’s all about… it’s about adding value to people and changing lives. It’s more than just the money that is being transacted. It’s about the contribution to others and the value we offer. There is nothing quite as rewarding and fulfilling as that.

And as a bonus, money is a by-product of the value we give. The more value you add to others, the more money you will make! Focus on giving value first and the money will follow!

If you’re struggling to make money in your business, you need to be adding more value. You need help with your marketing!

If you’re tired of struggling and you are committed to change, reach out to us and we’ll help you grow to the next level!


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Job Security


With all the new technology coming out every single day, times are rapidly changing.
Job Security… Are You Prepared For This?
Video Reveals. Click below to watch.

Would love to hear your thoughts… be sure to leave a comment!

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Marketing In Business… Did You Know This?

So we’re in business to make money, right?
Isn’t that why we’re all in business?
Well, not exactly!
Sure, making money allows us the freedom to be able to design our life the way we truly want but…
There is actually another reason that is a lot more compelling, that keeps us in business and makes us love what we do!
Did you know this?
Video Reveals…
Marketing Successfully in Business – The True Impact

P.S. We would love to hear your thoughts… Leave a comment below! 😉

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Would You Put Your Child In Daycare If You Had A Choice?

Abby Fae's 1st BirthdayWe recently celebrated our daughter’s first birthday!

This event has really got me thinking. Normally, the one year mark is the time when many moms have to put their child in daycare and go back to work. A lot of these moms are usually heartbroken to leave their young one behind in the hands of strangers who takeover nurturing and caring for their child while they go back to their jobs.

I’ve been really feeling for these moms. I just can’t imagine having to put Abby Fae in daycare. I’m still breastfeeding and she is so attached to me. I can’t imagine having to pump my milk for others to bottle feed it to her nor can I imagine having to get up early and rush to work in traffic after being up through the night breastfeeding.

I definitely cannot imagine missing the milestones of her development much less be in a position where James and I are not her main role models.

We are truly grateful to be stay-at-home parents. We are very fortunate and blessed to be able to cherish all the little moments with our daughter!

But you see, it’s not just a matter of luck…

We are not more privileged than others…


We choose to be in a position where we are in control.

We choose to maximize our children’s personal fulfillment.

We choose to live life by our own design!

Most people think that they don’t have a choice, that there are no other options. Many believe that they cannot afford to be at home with their kids.

I’m here to tell you that there is another way. You do have a choice. There are other options. You don’t have to be trapped and limited.

You absolutely can live life on your own terms! You too can be at home with your children!


Much love,

Melanie, James & Abby Fae

How are we able to be stay-at-home parents? Click here to find out.

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We’re thrilled to announce our newly released:  

Limitless Network Success Training System

Accelerated Teaming Training System


We are receiving amazing feedback from our team members regarding the release of our Limitless Network Success Training System!

It’s jam-packed with highly effective strategies to generate leads and make money online!! We’re totally pumped up!!!

Giving massive value!

Click here to find out how you can get exclusive access and start making money today!

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